Seternity Solutions
Seternity Solutions

Our goal is to make the process of filling jobs as easy and cost effective as possible for our clients

Our RPO offerings:

-  Industry specific recruiters

-  Sourcing services

-  Candidate search

-  Candidate screening

-  Telephonic interviews

-  Scheduling interviews

-  Background verification

-  Offer letter management

-  Database management

-  Email Finder

Other support services:

-  Skills assessment

-  Talent supply (TSM) studies

-  Recruiting process optimization

-  Productivity data analytics

-  Industry analysis

-  Business development support

-  Social media marketing

Having finest talent is a big competitive advantage in today’s complex world. Businesses have realized that their success relies upon talent, and acquiring the most talented staff is increasingly competitive and difficult. Organizations are now implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies. Companies are increasingly outsourcing their recruitment process to increase their cost competitiveness and access to better talent.

At Seternity, we create customized RPO solutions that help placement firms meet their toughest challenge. Our typical engagement involves helping a placement firm fill jobs a year, be it any number. We help our clients transform their hiring method into a strategic competitive tool. We are able to transition custom RPO solutions quickly and easily. As per business requirements, we’re able to expand or downsize quickly.

Seternity’s unique RPO approach collaborate with client’s internal talent acquisition team in whatever way serves them best. Sometimes, we support on the entire hiring and rest of the times we support on sourcing candidates. Seternity’s commitment to training,continuous learning, specialization, best-practices sharing helps us master recruiting in new industries quickly.

Unique advantages for our clients that come with our engagement include:
- Getting your recruitments done at extremely low-cost as we have access to low-cost yet quality recruiters and other tools
-  Improved effectiveness of recruitment process
-  Reduced “time and cost-to-hire”
-  Use the leverage of a single agency to tap into multiple, outside resources
-  Improved productivity as we streamline recruiting process and develop actionable insights
-  Focus on your core business activities and sales rather than managing operations
-  Stay ahead in the highly competitive staffing industry
-  Our engagement is flexible enough to suit your work and pricing needs