Seternity Solutions
Seternity Solutions

Investment banks

Seternity Solutions offers quantitative and qualitative research and analysis support to investment banks across entire M&A cycle from origination till execution. We manage your end-to-end investment banking functions. Our services help reduce the strain on systems in view of higher trade volumes, multi-asset trades, multiple affirmations and matching system connectivity.

With Seternity Services we build operations that strengthen your cost and risk monitoring infrastructure so that you can compete effectively by improving your client service delivery process.


Two main factors are driving outsourced services trend for investment banks. First, it’s cheaper. A financial-services industry research firm, the fully loaded cost of hiring an experienced junior analyst in India is less than 25% as compared to U.S. Such savings are especially attractive now that banks are no longer subsidizing sell-side research with investment-banking fees. Second, banks hope that by freeing senior analysts to concentrate on analysis rather than running numbers, they will produce better and more research.


Our service offerings for investment banks include:

-  Valuation and modeling

-  Information gathering

-  Presentations, charting, and graphics

-  Complex modeling

-  Newsletter

-  Company profiling

-  Industry analysis and insights

-  M&A Idea generation

-  Preparation of pitch books