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Seternity Solutions

Transforming data into business insights

Effective decision-making is being driven increasingly by analytics. Structured and unstructured data across businesses systems and external sources like social media, market data are creating tremendous opportunities to create insights. Seternity provides a range of analytics services, including outsourcing, from basic data management to sophisticated analytics enabling smarter decisions that drive cost reduction and revenue maximization. Seternity build business solutions for our clients by using our unique data analysis techniques and platform to convert internal and externally sourced data into business insights. Seternity merges statistical data mining with a consultative approach and modeling tools to help clients look deeper into their processes and business functions. We helps companies minimize risk, boost operational efficiency, create regulatory compliance frameworks, simplify supply chains, and identify new channels for growth and profitability.

Our highly talented professionals deploy advanced analytics tools and techniques coupled with deep domain expertise to solve complex business problems. We transform mountains of data into knowledge our clients can use to optimize core processes, improve outcomes, and get ahead of emerging trends. Our data scientist and analytics professionals combine qualitative problem solving with analytical rigor and industry experience to help Seternity clients respond more quickly and precisely to customer behavior, industry drivers and compliance demands.    

Value Chain Analytics
Business Analytics
HR Analytics
Value Chain Analytics

Our major services in this category include:

-  Procurement / sourcing analytics

-  Inventory optimization

-  Route optimization

-  Expediting optimization

-  Vendor rationing

-  Demand estimation

-  Allocation analysis

-  Predictive analytics

-  Dashboard design

-  Sales, service and warranty analytics

-  Spend Analytics

-  Logistics & distribution analysis

-  Trend analysis

-  Peak time analytics

Business Analytics

Our major services in this category include:

-  Event monitoring

-  What-if scenarios

-  Predictive modeling

-  Price and elasticity analytics

-  CRM analytics

-  RFM Analysis

-  Customer life modeling

-  Cross-sell analysis

-  Brand analysis

-  Customer satisfaction analysis

-  Prospecting

-  Value at Risk Modeling

-  Collection & Recovery Analytics

-  Credit Scoring

HR Analytics

Our major services in this category include:

-  TSM and TDM

-  Attrition modeling

-  Personalized scorecards

-  Spans and levels metrics

-  Rule-based alerts, and workflows 

-  Historical trends

-  Retention Modeling

-  Recruitment process analytics

-  Adhoc querying capabilities

-  Performance modeling