Seternity Solutions
Seternity Solutions


Seternity Solutions is the leading provider of offshore services to global clientele. Starting off as one of niche players in the offshore industry, Seternity has now developed into an innovative services provider, establishing its proprietary 3M model. By applying its 3M model, Seternity enables high value analytics, research and process transformation.

We believe in continuous expansion of our service offerings to meet the requirements of our clients operating in many business segments. We strive to maintain the highest benchmark standards for offshore services.

Our clientele include leading bulge-bracket financial institutions, global corporations, mid-cap companies, SMEs, boutique investment banks, and equity research firms. Our delivery centers are located in India (a low cost destination) thereby dramatically cutting clients' costs and adding tremendous value.


We aim to provide high value added services maintaining highest levels of speed, accuracy, and quality.


Our value system is focused towards helping our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Improve our clients’ performance significantly: Our various methodologies and products are customizable to individual specifications, while our team may operate as fully integrated extensions of clients’ own teams.                                                                        

Quality: We are dedicated to continuous improvement which is reflected in our leadership in technology, implementation, operations and quality standards.

-  Adhere to the highest professional standards: Our expert teams fully understand the culture and ethos of the financial services and corporate sectors, both locally and worldwide. The highest ethical standards guide our operations, conferring sustainable advantages on all our clients.

Quantifiable Value Addition: Our dedicated approach to research and consulting enables clients to realize additional corporate value.

Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people: We create value, are empowered to make a difference and are responsible and accountable for our actions. We succeed through teamwork based on mutual respect and the desire to invest in each other’s success.

CSR: Giving It Back

Seternity is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and promotes and encourages employee participation in community programs. The CSR group at Seternity is an employee-driven initiative. The objective of the group is to use the collective knowledge of its employees to make compelling and channelized contributions in the areas of education, community and social development, and environment and sustainability. We support the activities of non-government organizations (NGOs) dedicated to serving the community in areas such as education, healthcare, and elderly care, among others.

Seternity takes pride in being able to support the society. Support initiatives are selected based on the changing needs of each local community. Employees are encouraged to play leading roles and actively participate in various projects. While some projects require funding, others may require employees to share their time and talent to enrich the life of another.