Seternity Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to buy any of our Email finder plan
Please visit the page Click on “Buy” next to the plan you are interested in. It will redirect you the respective plan page. Click on “Buy Now” button. This will redirect you to the payment gateway powered by PayPal. Create your PayPal account (in case you don’t have it already), enter your Email address, and pay through your debit / credit card.

After that download and install our Chrome Extension Email Finder application from here - Seternity Mail Chrome Extension, and login with user ID and password sent on your Email.

What if I need more Emails views than specified as per your largest Email finder plan

Currently we have five plans to suit your requirements. You can select from 100 Emails per month plan to 3000 Email views per month plan. In case you have a requirement of more than 3000 Emails per month than please contact us at

Is payment though PayPal safe

Yes, all payments made through PayPal are completely safe. PayPal is a leading US headquartered company publicly listed on NASDAQ. It’s global company with operations across almost all the countries facilitating 100% safe and secured online payments globally.

What will happen once I bought the plan and how can I view Email addresses
Once you have bought a plan, you will receive an Email from Seternity Solutions with the link to download our Chrome Extension application along with user ID and password. You can also download the Chrome Extension application from here - Seternity Mail Chrome Extension. Install and login into the application using user ID and password. Refresh already open LinkedIn individual profile pages / open new LinkedIn individual profile pages and click on the Chrome Extension application icon to view the Email for that individual profile page on LinkedIn.

Are Emails personal Email address
At first we try to find the personal Email address, and we are very successful in doing that. However, if personal Email address is not publicly mentioned on any of the social media platforms then we try to find any other Email address used at present or in the past. If that is also not available the system returns the value as “NA” (not available).

Are Email addresses 100% accurate
Although we intend and try to find the most accurate personal Email address, however, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the Email address found by the system.

How Email views are counted

The Email count includes only those profiles for which we are able to find the Email address. If we are not able to find the Email address, it is not included in the count.

Where to check my current plan details like billing cycle, Email views pending, etc.
All plan related details like Email views remaining per month, renewal date, etc. are listed at the bottom of the Chrome Extension application box that appears while viewing an Email. For any query you can also write to us at

How can I unsubscribe from any plan
In case you want to cancel any of your subscription please visit page and click on “Buy” button for you plan. It will redirect you to you plan page. Scroll till the end and at the end of the page you will find "Unsubscribe" button. Click on that and it will redirect you to your PayPal account. Please login with your ID and unsubscribe it. In case you unsubscribe in the mid of your monthly billing cycle, first of all you will not be charged anytime in future and secondly you can still use our Email finder service till the end of current billing cycle since you have already paid for that.

Can I change my plan at any time
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade our existing plan at any point in time. For that you need to first unsubscribe your existing plan by clicking on unsubscribe button and then buy the new plan which suits you requirement. Your new plan will be activated within 24 hours from the day you buy the new plan. You will be notified by the change in plan by an Email from Seternity Solutions.
Where to contact in case of any questions / query
Please mail us at for any kind of questions / issues related to Email finder service.
Refund policy
Currently, we do not provide any kind of refund due to any reasons.
Free trial
Currently, we offer a free trial with up to 10 Email views. No credit cards and no sign-up required. To avail our free trial, please send us an Email at