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Track time and monitor your team’s performance on real time basis

Our Google Chrome extension tool “Seternity Time and Work Tracker” enables real time monitoring of work and time tracking for people working from home / remotely / or even in office.

Managers are always concerned about proper time utilization and objective performance of their team. They need to ensure that employees are utilizing their time properly and working on the task assigned to them. Monitoring becomes even more critical when the work done cannot be measured 100% in terms of output produced.

In addition to that, managers also need an objective way of evaluating performance. Our tool captures login time, total time, idle time, productive time, enabling managers to objectively evaluate performance of team members. Below par employees are easily tracked and automatically feel the need to perform well.

Our tool is an easy and cost effective solution for such issues faced by the managers. Now you can easily monitor your team performance on a real time basis. Download our application from here: Seternity Time and Work Tracker Chrome Extension

Key features of the tool include:

- A web based time and work tracker
- Track start time and end time of the work for individual team members
- Track idle time and productive time for individual team members
- Track additional hours put in by individual team members
- Take screenshots of system, randomly at time interval specified by the manager
- Take screenshots of person in front of system through webcam, randomly at time interval specified by the manager
- Get weekly, and monthly reports

Compare the two plans offered by us

Key Features Basic plan  Advance plan
Random screenshot of system YesYes 
 Random screenshot of employee through webcam YesYes 
 Individual and team view YesYes 
 Admin panel YesYes 
 Track start time and end time NoYes 
 Track idle time No Yes
 Track productive time No Yes
 Track additional hours worked No Yes
 Get periodic reports No Yes

Choose the plan that best suits your requirement

Team size Basic plan pricing Advance plan pricing 
 1 - 10 employees $20 per month $30 per month
 10 - 25 employees $50 per month $75 per month
 25 - 50 employees $100 per month $150 per month
 50 - 100 employees $200 per month $300 per month
 100 - 250 employees$ 500 per month $750 per month
 250 - 500 employees $1,000 per month $1,500 per month
 500 - 1,000 employees $2,000 per month $3,000 per month
 1,000 - 2,500 employees $5,000 per month $7,500 per month
Select the basic plan for your team
Select the advance plan for your team

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